Sunday, February 27, 2011

What was that, an ancient book? 'NO' I gasped in dread

The Host, Dear John, Hunger Games, The Choice, Gone For Good.......

Yes, this is a list of modern books but also some of my favorites! I am a nerd in several areas but for loving the Regency Era (whatever that is) and Victorian sentiments is not one of them. I have never made it through the movie Pride and Prejudice (new or old), Persuasion, or North and South without falling asleep. And reading the books- forget it. Not one 'ancient book' will ever make my top 50 list. I was raised from infancy to dislike Star Trek, Pinnacle, and old BBC movies. And reading classic novels were definitely not high up on the to do list. In our minds, there was nothing that a shot of John Mellon Camp couldn't cure.

With that being said, now you can understand my dismay having to read Rebecca. While I was not too terribly disappointed I still made a list of things I was going to point out- examples from this book on why I don't like 'old' books. How they are over the top and unrealistic. Like Rebecca feigning pregnancy while dying of cancer and manipulating her wonderful husband whom she hates into killing her. But I'm going to skip all that. Instead, I'm going to make a pact with myself to read a classic this year. I'm going to read with an open mind, which all books deserve, even if its British, and find a classic to put in my top 10!

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  1. Are we sisters??? I can't believe you have never sat through a classic movie! Pride and Prejudice made you fall asleep?? That is my favorite movie! And I love many like it.. I have been thinking about reading Pride and Prejudice. Yes sister I think its time you do read a classic!