Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Changing Preconceptions

People who like to read are nerds, dorks and squares.  Have you ever heard that?  Well, maybe not the part about being a square unless you were born circa 1925. A lot of people have this misconception that being a reader means you don’t have a life and you’re boring.  I would like to disagree with a fist to the face of whoever says that, but since I’m typing, I’ll have to prove it another way.
Last Saturday, I watched with pride and awe as my niece and nephew’s band, The Project, performed live at the Forks talent show.  Randy whaled on the drums with a nonchalance that made it seem as if any Tom, Dick or Eliot could just as easily be King of the Sticks, but don’t let his carefree demeanor fool you.  Crazy piles of natural talent, that’s for sure, but also a lot of hard work went into that show.  He was afraid his butter fingers would strike during Queens of the Stone Age’s No One Knows, but the rubber cement must have worked because he didn’t drop the drumstick.  Kudos, Hoagie!  My only suggestion would be that next time, he should go the Lars Ulrich route of drummer fashion—no shirt, low-rider black Spandex bike shorts, white Reeboks and a John McEnroe style sweatband slung over his brow.  Any drummer worth anything can pull this look off. 

Mike is the backbone of the band, serving as not only lead vocalist and shredder extraordinaire, but also mentor, coach and cheerleader minus the tiny skirt and shiny pom-poms.  His vocals are entirely believable…I don’t know if he just knows which songs his voice can sing or if he legitimately nails them all.  Which song did I love the most?  Like anyone could even know that, Napoleon.  (Yes, I realize that movie was like 12 years ago.  So what?)  Moonlight, a Project original, starts out soft and slow and builds to epic, but Cold War Kids’ Hang Me Up to Dry is so catchy and had me shaking it in my seat.  Like I said, I can’t tell which was more boss, but Mike nailed them both.  Besides his voice, the guitaring wasn’t too shabby, either.  And by not too shabby, I mean wicked cool.

Finally, there’s Shania.  Sweet, innocent butt-kicking basser Shania.  What’s better than a gorgeous girl who can melt your face off with bass so deep and intense that your skin liquefies and your bones turn gelatinous?  Nothing, that’s what.  Shania’s stops and starts during Hang Me Up to Dry were near perfect and her subtle rock star quality shone throughout the three song set.  She’s got to be proud of her sweet skills but she’s humble and down to earth.  That’s ok…I’ll be proud for her and I’ll live out my rock grrrl dreams through her and Lex (who has since been inspired and wants to get her own bass) since the only natural talent I have seems to be doing taxes.  Yes, full on pity party.  Besides rocking the bass, Shania also harmonizes with Mike on backup vocals and plays keyboard.
Pretending I'm in the band
Anyway, as interesting as this story is on its own, there is an actual point.  All three members of The Project are readers and Shania’s a founding member of her own book club.  This month, their book club and band is reading I am Number Four and, like our club, they’re taking an outing to see the movie at its release.  Seems readers can be hip and exciting.  No, not just can.  ARE. 
If you only check out one website today or this week or even this whole month, make sure it’s  Check out their pics, sign their guestbook (tell them I sent you) and listen to their songs.  The sound quality doesn’t do their music justice but you’ll get an idea of what they can do.  Tell others.  Support some fellow readers and all-around cool folks.
Finally, I’d also like to give a shout out to Sali, Beekers and Darcy.  Without them, The Project wouldn’t exist.


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