Monday, February 7, 2011

The English American

The English American....What book was that...hmm...oh yeah, now I vaguely remember this mediocre book.

This book had very little impact on me. It wasn't great. It wasn't horrible. It was just there. I felt that the writer tried really hard to be funny, I didn't laugh. She tried to be soul searching, I didn't search. This is a book that you read, not because you can't put it down, but because there is nothing better to read in your house and nothing good on t.v.

That being said, I do think that the 'lesson' of this story applies to everyone. Pippa doesn't fit in with her adopted family and feels that by finding her biological parents she will finally belong somewhere and understand herself. Now, be honest, haven't we all thought we were adopted at one time or another? Its not knowing who your parents are that makes us, but (as Pippa discovers) despite imperfections and disappointment, we love them. And if they can be imperfect and loved, can't we?

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