Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elisabeth Brings Up Her Average

Finally.  I finally liked a book that I picked!


Not that I hated my other selections, but I certainly didn't L-O-V-E them either.  I could read them and put them down, and not pick them up again for days without wondering what was going to happen next, or why that character did what they did.

Set in Jackson, Mississippi, during the  1960's, 'The Help' was one book I did not want to put down.  Kathryn Stockett spins the story of two African-American women, Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson, and one white woman just out of college, Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan.  We hear the story through their three voices, which are all very distinct and compelling in their own unique ways.  Aibileen with her kindness wisdom and dignity.  Minny with her spitfire opinions, determination and bravery.  Skeeter with her humor, independence and naivete. 

Skeeter comes up with the idea to compile stories from the behind-the-scenes lives of the maids who work in the homes of wealthy white folk in Jackson.  A project that is as controversial and taboo as they come at that point in USA history.  Despite this, Aibileen bravely steps up to tell her story to Skeeter, followed by Minny.

Don't dismiss this book thinking it will be dry or historical.  It is alive, passionate, humorous, and will help you find a better understanding for injustices that have been suffered in our country.

You may also find yourself with an unaccountable longing for fried chicken, biscuits and coca-cola.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Hunger Games Installment

So you may have guessed that I’ve been tracking the Hunger Games movie pretty closely, I just want them to get it right. If you are concerned movie goer/book reader like me, you might find this blog post pretty interesting. She breaks down the supposed Peeta contenders, along with personal commentary. Here are pics of the finalists. 

        Josh-Hutcherson-josh-hutcherson-18576412-500-764.jpg Josh Hutcherson


       lucas till



I have to say that sometimes I think I like certain things just because no one else does, to be difficult and stand alone (Don’t you hate it when people do that). In line with that, my guess is most people will look at Evan and be completely confused that he is being considered at all, however I get it. I am firmly Team Peeta but Hello, he is the bakers son, the boy next door, not some chiseled Adonis. I think the other choices are all a little to pretty boy to be Peeta. I think he’s the guy that’s not the obvious choice because of his looks, but he wins you over with who he is. I never pictured Peeta as the heartthrob. Having said that, I'm not as worked up about the potential Peeta's as I was about the Katniss pick. I'm pretty sure I could get used to any of the above faces as Peeta. So, what do you think, who’s your favorite? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rebecca the X

First, let’s just get the fact that it took me twenty odd years to make my Rebecca post out of the way.  I would have bagged the whole post, except this was the first read in book club once I was asked to join and became an official member.  Whoo!  (They like me, they really like me…  Sorry if you don’t get the Sally Field reference.  Yes, I am officially middle aged.  Thank you, time.)

Rebecca made me think of that girl.  You know, that ONE girl from your husband’s past that just gets to you?  That one that steams your veggies every time you hear her name or catch a passing glimpse of her?  The funny thing about girls like that is, they usually really are like the Rebecca from the story.  The new Mrs. de Winter frets she’s not as pretty, smart, witty or cultured as Rebecca.  New Mrs. de W hears stories of the parties she threw, the important people she knew and can first-handedly see the devotion the staff had for her.  (On a side note, how creepy is Mrs. Danvers?  She’s like Norman Bates in an apron.)  How can she compete with Rebecca’s memory, especially when considering the tragic ending she met?  Did Max only marry her as replacement, a second-best Rebecca?  H to the ell no!  Real Rebecca was a disgusting human being and nothing like she appeared.  Good riddance, Rebecca.  You can fool some people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.  Eventually, your true nature will appear.  I was happy the new Mrs. de Winter figured out Max’s true feelings for Rebecca, otherwise it might have blackened their relationship forever.
Going back to “that girl”, Rebecca is a perfect example.  Pretty enough, sure, but who cares when that beauty covers a rotten middle?  Give it up to yourself, gals.  You ARE pretty enough, smart enough and cool enough.  There's no comparison.  “Rebecca” ain’t got nothing on us.

Oh Myron.....

Do you have any authors that you have read all their books and line up to buy their new ones the day they come out? Book's you’re willing to fork over hardcover prices for?

                                                                   Harlan Coben - Gone For Good
The first Harlan Coben book I ever read was Gone for Good, and it remains among one of my favorite books. It’s a quick read, a great suspenseful mystery with plot twists aplenty. (The perfect summer read) Of Coben’s books it is still my favorite, however I loved it so much that after finishing I immediately had to read all of his books. Which brings me to Myron Bolitar. Mr Coben writes a series about Myron Bolitar. He’s a former ball player turned agent who manages to get wrapped up in mystery after mystery, most related to his clients, athletes are apparently shady folks. The series also includes an eccentric cast of characters, one of my favorites being Win, whom I should hate on principle alone. He’s a womanizing, preppy spoiled cad (Think: Chuck Bass). But, duh, he has a soft spot too.  And Myron won my heart with his self deprecating humor and quick one liners. Anyway I bring all this up because yesterday, the latest Myron Bolitar book ‘Live Wire’ hit the shelves! Any other Harlan Coben fans out there? I can’t wait to read this one! Which authors can’t you wait to read?

And if you're interested, here's a list of the Myron Bolitar books in order.

Oh, and can we all pretend that I didn’t make a Gossip Girl reference earlier? Thanks.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say it ain't so!!!

So looking at my posts you might think that all I do is sit around and complain about movie casting, it's not true, I complain about a variety of subjects, not limited to Hollywood gossip and news. Anyway, big news hit the web, Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games heroine has been cast. If you hold this trilogy in any regard you too want them to get this series right. So I ask you, does this look like Katniss to you?

                          Jennifer Lawrence

Ummm...Hello, Katniss is 16! Part of the atrocity of the Hunger Games is the callous way the Capitol regards the CHILDREN of the Districts. It's central to the story and they needed to get that right. (And in a completely unrelated note Ms. Lawrence and I share a birthday, separated by a few years. And it should be said, I'm sure we'd be besties in real life and I hold nothing against her personally.) Also Katniss is olive skinned with dark hair. Now of course I'm familiar with hair dye, I employ is religiously on about an eight week schedule, but we've all seen the movies where that creates a fail. There wasn't one qualified actress with dark hair? And finally, she's a little too...I'm searching for the right adjective, refined? One blog I came across said that Jennifer was too babe-a-licious, and that she never pictured Katniss looking like Barbie but more like the girl who would beat up the Barbie.  Well said. 

What's next Halle Berry as Rue!

Am I overreacting?  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Being Well Read Part II

 Due to the overwhelming response (of Sara and Crystal) I embarked on my journey to being a more accomplished reader. Naturally, I started with the book that could be found in the Young Adult section and also could be followed up with a good movie night.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the book and completely understand why it is a ‘classic’ in it’s on right, it left me feeling a little late to the party. This is a book I should have devoured and been passionate about in High School. I can almost feel my teenage righteous indignation over the tragedy of it all. I should have been crying in my bath over this, not last night, but many...I mean several...a couple years ago.
In the spirit of this blog, I would say this book is definitely worth the time to read. Do we ever really get tired of the classic battle between the haves and the have nots? The tried and true theme of all the great 80’s movies, that deep down we’re all the same and no one’s life is really all that perfect? 

                              The Outsiders

Now I’m on to the movie. I’m interested in the casting, can Rob Lowe live up to my Sodapop standards? 


Can Emilio Estevez wisecrack in true Two-Bit fashion? And who the heck is C. Thomas Howell? 


It seemed to me as I was reading, that there shouldn’t be any reason to make many changes from book to screenplay, I hope they don’t. Should I prepare now to be disappointed?