Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say it ain't so!!!

So looking at my posts you might think that all I do is sit around and complain about movie casting, it's not true, I complain about a variety of subjects, not limited to Hollywood gossip and news. Anyway, big news hit the web, Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games heroine has been cast. If you hold this trilogy in any regard you too want them to get this series right. So I ask you, does this look like Katniss to you?

                          Jennifer Lawrence

Ummm...Hello, Katniss is 16! Part of the atrocity of the Hunger Games is the callous way the Capitol regards the CHILDREN of the Districts. It's central to the story and they needed to get that right. (And in a completely unrelated note Ms. Lawrence and I share a birthday, separated by a few years. And it should be said, I'm sure we'd be besties in real life and I hold nothing against her personally.) Also Katniss is olive skinned with dark hair. Now of course I'm familiar with hair dye, I employ is religiously on about an eight week schedule, but we've all seen the movies where that creates a fail. There wasn't one qualified actress with dark hair? And finally, she's a little too...I'm searching for the right adjective, refined? One blog I came across said that Jennifer was too babe-a-licious, and that she never pictured Katniss looking like Barbie but more like the girl who would beat up the Barbie.  Well said. 

What's next Halle Berry as Rue!

Am I overreacting?  


  1. No, you are not overreacting!! I am SO irritated that they choose an older blonde to play the part. I haven't seen her in anything that I can think of so I can't judge her acting skills, but she better be amazing!!!

  2. Hello?! You are totally not overreacting! I'm so disappointed and frustrated with this choice! She looks like Stephanie Pratt from The Hills. There were tons of other actresses that in my opinion would have been way better. I was kinda hoping for someone like Tania Raymonde. She would have totally kicked butt at being Katniss. They better make this up to us by picking the perfect guys to play Peeta and Gayle. (I'm personally keeping my fingers crossed for Alex Pettyfer for Peeta and Jackson Rathbone for Gayle) I really have high hopes for this series. I hope they don't blow it.

  3. I'm with you lady! I find it hard to believe there wasn't SOME actress out there still in her teens who couldn't bring a little more realism to the role. That being said I'm basing my bias solely on pics I've seen of Ms. Lawrence - but she does look a little too blond bomb-shell for this role.

  4. I don't mean to be the devil's advocate here but I'm not a hater quite yet. Something about her face to me looks like she could be made to look younger. 16 yeah questionable but If they take away the makeup, dye her hair dark with less volume and more scraggle she might be....ok. Possibly still alittle old but I'm hoping she can act...young.