Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rebecca the X

First, let’s just get the fact that it took me twenty odd years to make my Rebecca post out of the way.  I would have bagged the whole post, except this was the first read in book club once I was asked to join and became an official member.  Whoo!  (They like me, they really like me…  Sorry if you don’t get the Sally Field reference.  Yes, I am officially middle aged.  Thank you, time.)

Rebecca made me think of that girl.  You know, that ONE girl from your husband’s past that just gets to you?  That one that steams your veggies every time you hear her name or catch a passing glimpse of her?  The funny thing about girls like that is, they usually really are like the Rebecca from the story.  The new Mrs. de Winter frets she’s not as pretty, smart, witty or cultured as Rebecca.  New Mrs. de W hears stories of the parties she threw, the important people she knew and can first-handedly see the devotion the staff had for her.  (On a side note, how creepy is Mrs. Danvers?  She’s like Norman Bates in an apron.)  How can she compete with Rebecca’s memory, especially when considering the tragic ending she met?  Did Max only marry her as replacement, a second-best Rebecca?  H to the ell no!  Real Rebecca was a disgusting human being and nothing like she appeared.  Good riddance, Rebecca.  You can fool some people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.  Eventually, your true nature will appear.  I was happy the new Mrs. de Winter figured out Max’s true feelings for Rebecca, otherwise it might have blackened their relationship forever.
Going back to “that girl”, Rebecca is a perfect example.  Pretty enough, sure, but who cares when that beauty covers a rotten middle?  Give it up to yourself, gals.  You ARE pretty enough, smart enough and cool enough.  There's no comparison.  “Rebecca” ain’t got nothing on us.


  1. I love it! So glad you became 'official' :) This post is helping me work out a new mantra....

  2. Have you considered becoming a motivational speaker? I am feeling energized! Seriously though, great first official 'book club pick' post, so glad you're part of the group :)