Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Hunger Games Installment

So you may have guessed that I’ve been tracking the Hunger Games movie pretty closely, I just want them to get it right. If you are concerned movie goer/book reader like me, you might find this blog post pretty interesting. She breaks down the supposed Peeta contenders, along with personal commentary. Here are pics of the finalists. 

        Josh-Hutcherson-josh-hutcherson-18576412-500-764.jpg Josh Hutcherson


       lucas till



I have to say that sometimes I think I like certain things just because no one else does, to be difficult and stand alone (Don’t you hate it when people do that). In line with that, my guess is most people will look at Evan and be completely confused that he is being considered at all, however I get it. I am firmly Team Peeta but Hello, he is the bakers son, the boy next door, not some chiseled Adonis. I think the other choices are all a little to pretty boy to be Peeta. I think he’s the guy that’s not the obvious choice because of his looks, but he wins you over with who he is. I never pictured Peeta as the heartthrob. Having said that, I'm not as worked up about the potential Peeta's as I was about the Katniss pick. I'm pretty sure I could get used to any of the above faces as Peeta. So, what do you think, who’s your favorite? 


  1. I agree with Andrea about Evan. No offense to him but he could pass as a baker's son. I'm also a little drawn to Alexander. If you dirty him up alittle I can picture him fighting it out in the Hunger Games.

  2. I totally agree with you girls. I love Evan. However, he would be my second choice. My first would be Lucas Till. This may be stupid of me to admit but I loved him in Hannah Montana and he has a sweet look about him. I think he could be really good at portraying how much he loves Katniss. That and I think he could really pull off the fighting and bakers son. Plus I think he's really cute. But I would defiantly be happy with Evan too.