Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Being Well Read Part II

 Due to the overwhelming response (of Sara and Crystal) I embarked on my journey to being a more accomplished reader. Naturally, I started with the book that could be found in the Young Adult section and also could be followed up with a good movie night.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the book and completely understand why it is a ‘classic’ in it’s on right, it left me feeling a little late to the party. This is a book I should have devoured and been passionate about in High School. I can almost feel my teenage righteous indignation over the tragedy of it all. I should have been crying in my bath over this, not last night, but many...I mean several...a couple years ago.
In the spirit of this blog, I would say this book is definitely worth the time to read. Do we ever really get tired of the classic battle between the haves and the have nots? The tried and true theme of all the great 80’s movies, that deep down we’re all the same and no one’s life is really all that perfect? 

                              The Outsiders

Now I’m on to the movie. I’m interested in the casting, can Rob Lowe live up to my Sodapop standards? 


Can Emilio Estevez wisecrack in true Two-Bit fashion? And who the heck is C. Thomas Howell? 


It seemed to me as I was reading, that there shouldn’t be any reason to make many changes from book to screenplay, I hope they don’t. Should I prepare now to be disappointed? 


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