Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the verdict is.............


flat, with a few surprises.

I know that most movies can't capture all the depth and details in books, but COME ON! Isn't a picture worth a thousand words? There were many opportunites that could have added to this very basic movie. Just one scene from Lorien (John's home planet) or one training session that showed his relationship with Henri and his developing legacies.

A few other complaints:
  • The music in one word, cheesy. Our playlist would have been awesome. Instead there was this silly elevator music that killed the mood.
  • I really felt the relationship between John and Sarah felt forced. No magic for me.
A few surprises:
  • At first I was not happy about Alex Pettyfer being John, but he grew on me! There were a few scenes that caught me off guard and I totally fell for him. (The street light scene) Even though the kissy face scenes were awkward!
  • I had a love/hate feeling going with the bully, Mark (played by Jake Abel). He did not fit the bully part. He kinda looked like he should have been with the geek squad. That being said I loved him cause he reminded me of Kevin Bacon and I have a soft spot for Kevin Bacon.


This is one book babe's opinion, more to follow.

I know we all "know" that when you cram a 440 page book into a 2 hour movie, there's going to be holes, but it's so hard not to get your expectations up. Too bad the BBC can't make a mini-series for all the books we really love. If I were going to pick on one thing that really bugged me though, it was the way they depicted the relationship between Herni and John. Sure they had their disagreements but in the end it wasn't a cold guardianship. Where was the love, Caruso? Still, I'll probably watch this movie again, in the comfort of my living room in my Seahawks huddler (i.e. snuggie) where I can embrace my inner cougar and just appreciate the beautiful Alex P. -Andrea

I have to keep telling myself, "Caisse, It's impossible for movies to contain all the awesomeness that books contain." So ok, I know things have to be omitted but I was truly suprised there wasn't a scene where Henri is helping John hone his Legacy skills. Speaking of skills, the scene where John picks up Henri and throws him against the house and holds him in the air refusing to leave Paradise. Wouldn't it have been that much better if it had ended with a sappy atta boy and hug for using his awesome powers? Remember, in the book John is sure Henri will be mad at his violent outburst but instead, like a proud papa bear, smiles and hugs him. Not only is it completely adorable in my mind's eye but also wasn't it neccessary for character development? Were they not as close, if not closer, than a father and son? But I don't want to just guess that they loved each other. I'm a girl, I want to SEE it too.

Also, I want to touch on Sam's dad. That sounds weird.... moving along. Additions were made to the movie about him. At first, it seemed odd thinking of all that was left out of the movie (i.e. flashbacks of Lorien) to have in there place scenes not even in the book. Insert Sam's dad. I can only come to the conclusion (and not all on my own, thanks Jeff) that we will learn more about him in book/movie 2. If that's the case, I'm happy the movie gave us more insight. If that's not the case then, huh?

It's my March ambition to see I Am Number Four one more time in the theater. I don't know if I'll make it to Cinetopia for the second go around but one can hope. Loaded nachos, dessert, slushies, gourmet popcorn, fellow Book Babes and comfy chairs.... Can't think of a better way to have a cinema experience. -Caisse

I only have a few additions. First, a comment for Sara. I think it's so cute that she said she had a soft spot for the bully, Mark James. She said it was because he reminded her of Kevin Bacon, but when I saw him, he reminded me of her husband, Jeff. Looks like someone has a very obvious type.


Second, had to second the comment about the cheesy music. Ugh! A fight scene should not make me feel like I'm waiting in line at the bank. Cue the Muzak. Third, I already said this out loud to Andrea, but you know you're old when you don't care about the main guy, but really like his dad. Fourth, the Mogadorians were a small ray of light in an otherwise mediocre movie. Their humor highlighted their sadism far more so than a serious and straightforward "evil aliens" portrayal would have. I just hated when they were called "Mogs" because it added a childish element to the otherwise perfect characterization. All in all, this movie did nothing to change my opinion that a movie can be better than the book. Sorry, Hollywood. You fail.


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  1. Hello again! I'm totally bummed to hear that the movie bombed! I still haven't seen it but I'm hoping to be included in the March viewing! (I'm thinking maybe our first cheat day?) The book for me was really good! I finished it in like 3 days because I couldn't put it down! Although I did find it kinda cheesy in parts. I don't have much else to say about it but I'm glad I read it and I can't wait to read the next one and see the movie. Miss you girls and love you all! Thanks for the awesome reviews! ~Jess