Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Rebecca' Book Club Night

Since this was our first read that had a movie based on it we did a pajama party at my place and watched Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rebecca' in all its 1940's black-and-white glory.  Here's a taste of the classic via its original trailer.

(yes it's THE most GLAMOROUS motion picture ever made - stop questioning it)

Although the movie wasn't entirely true to the story, in my opinion it's still a great flick.  Alfred Hitchcock - 'nuff said.

For eats I took my cue from the lavish afternoon teas that were always served at Manderly, come hell or high water (the new Mrs. de Winter is losing her mind - but look at those delicious tiny cakes!)  I took myself to Trader Joe's and raided their frozen finger food selection (when heated they taste like you spent hours in your own kitchen).  I also served fresh biscuits with clotted cream and jam, along with a variety of teas.  For dessert, french chocolate truffles (Maxim DID meet his new wife on the French Riviera).

As take home gifts I chose tiny rose plants potted in tea cups - since one of the few things that Mrs. de Winter liked about her new home was its beautiful rose gardens.

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