Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paper VS Pixels


I'm usually the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type of person. I dragged my feet getting an email, now I love checking it. I swore I didn't need a cell phone, now it never leaves my sight. I refused to text, now it's my favorite way to communicate. So when the Kindle came out, I rolled my eyes and poo-pooed it. "Real readers will miss the feel of pages," I thought, "We've had books forever, no one is gonna want that".......Then my husband gave me a Kindle for my anniversary. I now sing a different tune.

IT'S AMAZING! Here's why:

1) I am a small one bedroom apartment dweller, so space is very limited. I would love to keep all our book club books and my personal reading books, but what space I have I dedicate to kitchen appliances and shoes. So I give them away or try to resell them. But with the Kindle I can keep them ALL!

2) My husband and I read books aloud together. We have our own series we follow. Then I have my book club book and a other random book I read on the side. So at any given time I am in the middle of at least three different books. That made packing for vacation quite a pain. Not any more, they all fit nicely into my purse.

3) One reason I balked at getting a Kindle is because I imagined it would be like reading from a computer monitor all day. You know, you get all squinty and headachey from staring a monitor for to long. And, given the right book, I can read all day! With the Kindle, it has a special E ink Pearl Technology and not being back lit, it looks like a page out of a book. It still shows maps or pictures, whatever would be in the original writings.

4) When I am reading a book club book, I am always looking for favorite quotes or points to share at the next meeting. I think I will remember where it was later, but inevitably I would forget. With the Kindle, while I'm reading, I can click and highlight a part or type notes at a section. It will saves all the info together for easy reference.

5) A lot of older books are free! Which is so nice on my shoestring budget. Also, when I do get a new book, I get it in 60 seconds. No leaving the house, no waiting for the mailman! No back-order!!

All in all, I vote pixel. I know, I know....I too swore I would miss REAL books. You might be like me though, you just have to see it to believe it.

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