Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry.....

Well, the wait is over, no more guesswork, no more lobbying, Gale and Peeta have been cast. I had prepared an entire post on the ‘potential’ Gales but that ship has apparently sailed. 
So I’ve come to terms with the Peeta pick, Josh Hutchenson was not my first pick, but like Randy Jackson, “I’m not mad”. I see how it can work. 

Josh Hutcherson Picture
Josh Hutcherson
Now Gale, the pick for Gale has my blood boiling. I didn’t think I would even care, but I thought Gale was a no-brainer, I had him so pegged in my mind. He’s a little dangerous, which I know isn’t a physical description, but you know how that translates. He’s a little emo (minus the guy-liner) and I don’t know why this is important to me, but he has dark floppy hair. And he’s got those kind of looks that are ethnic, you just can’t quite figure out which ethnicity it is. Maybe this guy doesn’t exist. aybe my standards are too high. Anyway, what do you think, is Liam Hemsworth Gale? Maybe I’m being too hard on him because he dates Miley Cyrus. Chime in, set me straight.

Liam Hemsworth Picture
Liam Hemsworth 'Gale'

One last thought, what do you think about this guy? Does his Nickelodeon career make him ineligible for the 'dangerous' bit? 

Avan Jogia Picture
Avan Jogia


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