Friday, December 24, 2010

My Valuable Opinion On Edgar Sawtelle

I thoroughly enjoyed three-quarters of this novel. The author made it easy to connect with the beautiful, sweeping, rural landscape of Wisconsin. I found learning about something I had no previous knowledge of, training dogs, very fascinating. I had also never thought about how someone with a handicap, such as being mute, would handle an emergency situation. Poor Edgar couldn’t even make a phone call to help his dying father.

However, for how long David Wroblewski invested in writing this novel, I expected a better ending. One can only assume that the last quarter of the book was written quickly; perhaps Mr. Wroblewski was up against a deadline, just ran out of time? Or got bored and hired someone else to finish the book for him? The quality of writing just doesn’t mesh with the rest of the novel.

The truth is, the first thing you generally remember about a book is the last thing you read. If anything should be weak, it should never be the introduction or conclusion of a story. That being said, I would read another novel by David Wroblewski, because I really did enjoy his style of writing. Surely he wouldn’t make that fatal mistake again. Would he?


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