Monday, December 27, 2010

In my Opinion.....

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle received rave reviews, is a New York Times best seller, and an Oprah's Book Club selection. It's been called a remarkable hybrid, a UNICORN- rare and wonderful, with breathtaking final scenes. WHAT!?! I can't help but wonder- what did the critics read that our book club missed?? You could say it was well written but that does NOT matter to me if the story, especially the ending, is completely annoying.

SPOILER ALERT If I could have changed one thing it would have been to add some justice to the ending. Although sad, I could live with Edgar dying if the truth was revealed about his father's murder. Yes, dead, both of them. !!!!

It took David Wroblewski 10 years to write this "masterpiece". It appeared that he got completely bored and restless and he thought the best way to just get it over with was kill everyone and send the dogs into the wilderness. Huh?!

On a positive note I did like Henry but I felt bad that his fiance left him for being ordinary. She said, "Ordinary in the way you do things, ordinary in what you see and think and say. Just ordinary." Despite his ordinariness, or maybe because of it, I liked Henry. And I was happy Tinder, the wounded pup, stayed with him. Because of his hospitality he received a wonderful companion. (And Tinder will live alot longer than all the dogs dumped in the wild.)

Henry and cute dogs are no reason to read this book. There are only a few books that I will say, "DO NOT READ". This is one of them.


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