Sunday, December 19, 2010

By Way of Introduction.....

Elisabeth - We love books. We want you to love books too, and we want to save you from wasting time on bad books.

Andrea - And if someone outside our immediate circle of six stumbles upon this blog, we want you to save us from wasting our time on bad books too.

Oh, and we want you to love the idea of a book club as well.

Sara - We have had our book club for over two years and here is what we've learned: There is little better than food, friends and awesome conversation over a good book.

Crystal - Our hope is that our literary reviews and recaps of our book club festivities will inspire you to form your own book club and share your experiences.

Amber - We are honest, and we hope that you will come to trust our book reviews the way we know you WANT to trust Oprah's.

Caisse - Follow along with our book club picks. Read what we have to say and if you disagree, absolutely agree or are somewhere in the middle, tell us why.

Andrea - And realize that we are not English majors, we read for fun, not to take ourselves too seriously.

Elisabeth - We're here to share with you how the books we read affect us - whether they make us laugh, cry or shock our 'victorian sensibilities'.

In chorus - And the wine....don't forget the wine.

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