Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Thoughts on a pointless book (Edgar Sawtelle)

(Sigh...) This book, like so many other books, had a lot of potential and this book, like so many other books, failed to live up to it. There were moments that I loved; I loved that the main character was mute. That part was fascinating to me. I also loved that some of the perspective was from the dogs that they trained (pg. 34). I hated the rest. I seriously thought "How much time did I waste on reading this book? Where is my Prozac?" If I wanted to entertain myself with depressing deaths I would have turned on the news!

Even though I would NEVER recommend or praise this book, I will say that our book club had some really good discussions over it. Who we liked, who we hated, were some things symbolic, what was the point...yes, lots of debating and that was good.

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