Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm pretty sure I'm abusing my 'pallooza' priveleges here, since the application in this instance is festival of two. Whatever, my post my title. Anyhoo, at first it was kind of a thrill to see the books we read popping up on the big screen, now it's becoming a little routine. Briefly reviewing our book list, 11 of our picks are either already movies or are making their way in that direction. (In case you're wondering, movie potential isn't a criteria in a book pick, we just apparently have keen senses in this regard.) 

Imagine my surprise when during the previews for Footloose the following trailer popped up. (Sidebar: While Footloose has no novel base that I am aware of, I'm still gonna give this movie a shout out.  Guess it's no surprise that my love of YA literature would also lead to a love of YA film. And while Ren 2.0 is no Kevin Bacon he does have this adorable Boston accent that goes a long way in upping his charm. So if you're inclined, go see this movie, then download the soundtrack and dance around your kitchen like a maniac. Your kids will think you're crazy but you'll feel better, promise)

If I'm being honest this pick (One for the Money), by Amber the first, was not my favorite. As book heroines go Stephanie Plum just didn't do it for me, but apparently this opinion does not hold the majority vote since Ms Evanovich is currently on installment 18. At the end of my book was a break down of the following 11, and that brief preview was enough to satisfy any curiosity I had. I don't know if I'll make the effort to see this one in theaters, but if I got an invite I probably wouldn't turn it down.

If you read Caisse's review here or the book itself maybe you find yourself in the same position as me. While the story and characters were compelling the story went down roads that I really don't want a visual for. I still find the trailer interesting because I'm always interested in casting (which in this case seems pretty spot on). I also find the music and mood pretty consistent with the tone of the book. In this case the trailer is pretty much a curiosity for me because I have a feeling the trailer is all I will see. 

Any thoughts on either of these movies?

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