Sunday, November 13, 2011

True Grit

This is our first book from the Western genre. Thankfully none of the book babes have seen the movie either, so none of us knew what to expect. I think we were all surprised!

For those who are as clueless to this book/movie as we were, here is a brief description:

Mattie Ross, at the wise age of 14, demands retribution for her fathers death. The murderer has slunk away, so she takes the law in her own hands by partnering up with "Rooster", a gruff, old, dirty, drunk Marshal. Along the way the pair meet up with an arrogant Texas Ranger. Along the highly entertaining way they learn to appreciate and support each other. They discover who has 'true grit'. 


I loved the way this novel was written. It wasn't flowery or overly descriptive yet you got a clear picture of the characters and their strong personalities. The conversations were sharp and to the point. I laughed out loud at the humorous trio. 

For book club we watched the modern version of True Grit. But personally, my favorite part was that I gave us all outlaw names!!  Can you guess who's who?

Cowchip Kitty
Nikki "Big Guns"
One Eye Eliza 
Dirty Marie
Lead Pusher Lenore 
Crusty Ginger

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