Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hunger Games, an Audio

So I realize I've been pretty much a bum about posting but seriously if you only knew the posts I thought about writing you would appreciate my genius.  Anyway, I have ambitions for being more regular and sharing some current reads and book club action, but I'm gonna start with baby steps and just share a link to the newly released song for the Hunger Games movie.  Honestly, I'm a fan of Taylor Swift, but I wasn't sure she had the chops for the mood I expect of this movie.  I mean even when she's drenching her guitar with tears she still seems a little....plucky? pert? Maybe it's the influence of The Civil Wars, maybe it's the profound effect of this book, who knows, I personally think it's perfect. I picture it fitting in with Rue or perhaps Peeta, but who knows, they could just throw it in at the credits.

I'm actually re-reading the book for the third, maybe fourth time, I lose track.  I decided I wanted to read it before the movie but not so close to the movie that I was making comparisons the whole time.  I'm picking up all sorts of details that I missed or forgot and still find a reason to tear up every chapter, I don't know what's wrong with me.  

So, love the song or think it's all wrong? And does anyone else have a strategy for reading the book pre-movie?

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  1. I was totally suprised how much I loved these three books. I could not put them down. I had to force myself to stop reading them so I would read the current book club pick. I would find myself staying awake at night re-thinking what I had just read. It occured to me that this was the type of meditation we are all supposed to be doing for our Bible reading. I'm sure if I spent half as much time thinking about what Bible verse I just read as I did with each chapter of the Hunger Games I would be a Bible scholar. Well I guess it gives me something to aspire to. And the song is great too. I really like the feeling it has. I can totally see it fitting in the movie. I can't wait to see it!!!