Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Matched Ky vs Xander

We recently got together and discussed Matched by Ally Condie. A young adult book about a society that completely regulates every movement it's subjects make. From when they can recreate to when they die...and who they will marry. Matched, the first book in the trilogy, begins by Cassie going to her Banquet to find out who she will be matched with to marry.

Cassie soon finds her heart in a predicament. What would you have done?
Would you stick with Xander who is kind, handsome, comfortable- the safe choice? Or would you follow your heart into the dangerous unknown for a slim slim slim chance to be with Ky who is completely off limits forever?
The latter might seem like the romantic choice HOWEVER when I was reading this story I kept waiting for Ally to develop the relationship between them that would make Ky seem like the hands down obvious choice. But to me.... he wasn't. For book one I am Team Xander all the way. He took
chances and risks for people he cared about. He's smart, witty, did I mention handsome?
What team are you on? If you had the luxury to be pulled between two which way would you go?

For our book club evening we had our own little banquet with a roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, bread and butter, and chocolate cake for dessert. I found for the girls little tree starter kits with cute tiny pots. We all started scheming where we're going to plant our trees on our next camping trips!

I'm really looking forward to book 2 Crossed with the release date of, yikes, November 1, 2011, when I turn 31!



  1. Ahh tough one. I just finished this book too and was surprised to see there weren't big "Teams" forming like there were for Edward and Jacob! (BTW, a little resemblence between the characters, what do you think? Jacob = Xander, Edward = Ky?)

    Personally, I have to go with Ky. Because I'm young. And easily swayed by the intense connection they had. And his dark hair and conflicted past. (I KNOW, I know, it's all cliche but I love it! LOL). She felt fire on every touch of their hands. Not so much for Xander, but I love him too. He's a sweetheart, I completely agree.

    Overall, I thought the book was good but it could have been better. I was never fully enchanted by the science fiction. Some areas were very bland, but it made it very inhale-able I suppose. Like eating a good bag of chips. I like a little more meat sometimes though.

    Good blog post! Signing out for now, take care guys :-)

    - Anonymous1, because I don't know how else to sign in!

  2. Ky seems the best way for Ally to continue the series and build tension. He also sounds really awesome!...

    Xander is just so secure and smart and safe but doesn't seem to have the same connection as Ky had with Cassia.

    Frankly it's actually really weird to be kissing your best friend, even if he IS your match.

    Woo Ky!!!

  3. I absolutely love KY <3
    But I mostly see the similarity with Hunger Games haha..
    Ky= Peeta. The guy who both girls have a memory with, but never got to know better until a turning point in their lives.
    Xander= Gale. The best friend who falls in love with the girl, and helps the girl get the other dude back.
    I mostly choose Ky, because he makes Cassia feel alive, whereas Xander does not. Ky is also mysterious which is really attractive. I think that it is obvious Cassia is going to stay with Ky, since he has more character development to develop than Xander, he is different than the others, and he is kind of the reason why Cassia starts to rebel.

  4. I would definately choose Xander over Ky any day. This is mostly because I love his personality. When most people associate "The Hunger Games" series ( which I love<3) with these books, they see Xander as Gale, the best friend, and Ky as Peeta, the unknown boy. But when I compare the characters in both series, I see that Xander is more like Dandelion Peeta then Firecraker Gale. Ky is more reckless like Gale, and Xander is more protective like Peeta. I was on Peeta's side, so now I am on Xander's. I see how Xander could bring out the best in Cassia, where Ky would bring out the worst. I don't hate Ky, but Xander caught my eye from the very beggining of Matched to the very end of Crossed. I cannot wait for the 3rd book to come out! Whoever Cassia chooses, I will be happy, but I would love for her final choice to be Xander!!! :)