Sunday, June 19, 2011


As the newest member of the book club I am so excited!! I have heard stories of the books being read and have been secretly jealous all along. Unfortunately I forgot it was my day to post. What a lousy way to start. So I am a few days late. Sorry girls, I will try to be better. With my serious lack of motivation to stop watching TV I haven't actually read any of the books on the list. Oh except the Poison wood Bible which I did enjoy. Now with the proper motivation I am really looking forward to reading more. And almost more importantly getting together for good conversation and delicious food. Now that I have two books under my belt I feel that I am getting into the routine of staying up way too late because I can't put the book down. I only notice the late hour when my mom pops her head in and wonders what could be so interesting to keep me up until 2am, which just happens to be her usual bed time.
This last book, Matched, was very interesting. It made me think a lot. At first I thought the story line was pretty basic and the characters were likable but not extremely complex. But the more I read the more my imagination and fascination grew. I can't imagine enjoying having every decision made for me, from how much and what kinds of food to eat on a daily basis, more because it sounds boring than because I didn't get to pick it out. It seemed like there was very little variety to their lives. I think we value not just making choices but the variety of choices to make. I have been in situations where I feel that I have had to make every decision and I have wished someone was there to make it for me. And I have been in situations where almost everything was decided for me, from what time to get up and be ready for the prepared breakfast and then what to do at work and how to do it and what to have for lunch and dinner. Even the type of clothing was chosen, not the exact outfit, but the standards were definitely set. It was then that I thought I could really get used to that. You may wonder how that is possible. Here is my reasoning: There is little risk when the decision is not up to you. If the venture fails it isn't on your shoulders, you were just following direction. Even at work I am a total stickler for the rules. The clearer the rule the better I feel. And the easier it is to follow it. I dislike the "exception". So I could see how a society could get along pretty well with so much regulating. And when you consider that most people these days make kind of lousy choices it doesn't sound too bad to have someone else make it for you. As in with anything in life a balance is in need. It would be horrible to have no choice in life but a little help along the way could be just what we need.


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  1. Great first post! Glad you're officially part of the blog and the group :)