Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Road


Lonely. Sorrow. Hope. When I was trying to describe this book those words came first in my head.

Lonely: Even though the man and boy were together the whole time, the rest of the world seemed empty. Nothing but somber ash. Even the way it was written captures the post-apocalyptic story, failing sentence structure and nameless characters. Who needs a complete sentence when everything else is broken?
Sorrow: The way things were haunts the Man, a Coke and canned pears bring on sadness because his son never tasted them before. Loved ones lost and flashback memories. And gray, everything is gray...the color of sadness.
Hope: In the end, when all seems lost and irreparable, people never give up. They want to live, no matter what obstacles they may face. People hold onto hope. "Goodness will find the little boy. It always has. It will again." pg. 281
This book was interesting and thought provoking...and dark. Overall, I felt it was a rewarding read.

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