Friday, January 7, 2011

'Orange' book meeting

This is against protocol, but I'd like to take a moment to be sappy and tell my kindred Book Babes how wonderful they are. We have read and dissected over twenty books since our book club began. Think how we've suffered through books, we've planned and stressed over meals and gift ideas, we've spent hours searching book stores and online sites looking for the perfect book, and we continued when we had good reasons to quit....... So glad we didn't 'cause we've had so much fun! I love you gals!!

I'd like to think that in some way our awesomeness had inspired the formation of a new local book club. The OLBC aka Old Lady Book Club. This month we decided to join forces for Five Quarters of the Orange. Debbe so graciously offered her home for the 10 of us. I made a Beef Burgundy (with a hint of orange) dish in the crockpot accompanied by mashed potatoes (thank you Sara), and garlic bread. Debbe made a delicious green salad with oranges and goat cheese, orange juice cocktails, and french popcorn. For the book momento I gave everyone an orange "stash" that had an assortment of orange goodies.

I really enjoyed the special treat of all of us together sharing different viewpoints and thoughts of this book. I definitely think this should be an annual event!

By the third attempt Maryanne got her book right. Hehe Love ya M!

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