Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Number Four Update

Good old Pitacus Lore is making a liar of me. Remember this little gem with it's unfinished business...

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Well, available only as an ebook, is this beauty...

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For only $3.99, you can have the backstory of Six. So here's where I eat crow about not giving into eReaders, but only because I have no choice. Fortunately, for me there's no big investment, I was able to get it on my phone. 

The brief review of both books on the official Number Four website does clear up any ambiguity about the nature of the sequel "The Power of Six".  If you wondered, like I did, if the book was about Six or about the remaining six, wonder no more. With the eBook we get Six's back story with the sequel..."The Legacies Develop", or so the cover promises.

               Product Details

Anybody had a chance to read the eBook yet? Reviews? Comments?

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