Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Babes Off the Pages

Has anyone else noticed that lately in popular reference, book clubs have kind of taken a hit. The insinuation is, if you’re in a book club, you basically just crazy cat lady + friends. Just because you’re a reader doesn’t mean you’re tucked in at 9 with a cup of chamomile tea. So I thought I’d share some of the things us fellow book babes have been up to together, when we’re not buried in a book.

So I apologize in advance for this next sentence, but sometimes our adventures turn in to tongue twisters and I can't resist. 
Crystal and I (and our plus one creeps) ate at Red Robin then rocked out at the Rose Garden to Rise Against. Ha Ha, cheesy I know, I couldn't help myself. It was fun but sometime I felt like game about to be poached, check out the spotlights.

Then, sacrificing a good sleepin' in on a beautiful Sunday morning, Elisabeth and I and our hubbies ran the 8K Bridge to Brews. It was amazing, and you may think that 10 am is to early to appreciate a good refreshing Hefewiezin waiting at the finish line, but let me assure you, it's not.

And last but not least, Caisse, Elisabeth and I cheered on the home team at the Rose Garden. (I use the term 'home' loosely, as in 60 mile radius of home) Go Blazers! I mean, Maybe next year!!!

And at the end of this post I'm left wondering, are Sara and I fighting and I didn't know???


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  1. Oooh sad! I would have went with you guys but I was curled up with my cat and a cup of chamomile tea. It's probably my fault, my nine'o'clock bedtime get's in the way.