Saturday, July 21, 2012

Iconic Breakfast

There are people I'm sure we all have known that are somehow endearing and at the same time unbearable. Their personal issues are so overwhelming to both themselves and to those around them that you almost forget or don't realize how much they are taking out of you. There is an inability to tell them no along with the desire to see what happens next. Even if you want to stay away you are drawn to the dramatic goings on of their daily affairs. Holly Golightly is just such a "friend". She seemed to create chaos in a completely unintentional way. She was almost helpless to her own meandering life. I don't know if marriage at 14 stunted the rest of her emotional and mental growth, but she was really just a grown up child. There was very little responsibility of actions and no consequences until the fateful day of being connected with Sally Tomato. This seemed to be just the ticket in calling her to her senses which had been absent up to this point.
However selfish and somewhat irritating a character she may have been she was an icon. There are pictures of Holly in a black sleek dress with a sparkling tierra, string of pearls and hair piled just so on top of her head hanging everywhere. This image in my head made me realize that the Holly of Truman Capote fell a bit flat but it took Audrey's portrayal of her that brought the character to life and that is the icon we all know today.

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