Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Taste of Fantasy

And it was Mmm Mmm good! I decided to try a new genre for our book club, fantasy. We had read some sci-fi-ish books, but nothing really with mythical creatures. When I announced we were going to read His Majesty's Dragon I got several "I'm being polite and pretending to be excited to read about dragons" looks. I think we were all surprised at how much we enjoyed it. 

It starts out with Captain Will Laurence in the middle of a battle on the seas. He is in the British Navy and they just captured a French ship harboring the most unusual cargo: a dragon egg. From here on out Will's life is turned upside down. Temeraire is the hatchling who adopts Will. In this book an amazing friendship developed between man and dragon. But it's not all sappy, there are plenty of fights and a variety of dragons both humorous and sad. 

I loved this book (as did my husband who follows this blog via audio books). It left me feeling satisfied and content...except, I want my own dragon!!


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